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April 2012

I really hate the false “fact” posts about, say, the Rugrats babies all being hallucinations of their mourning parents or the Winnie-the-Pooh characters being intentional representations of clinical disorders.  Just because someone CAN argue that doesn’t mean it’s what the authors actually intended (and yes, this is the difference between when I argue that Cinna/Finnick CAN be seen in canon, versus the Seam being culturally/ethnically/racially non-white in Panem BEING canon).  The Winnie-the-Pooh characters COULD be seen as representations of clinical disorders, but it wasn’t what A.A. Milne intended and that’s clear through what’s actually on the page.  The Rugrats-are-dead theory holds about as much weight as the Paul-is-dead conspiracy, though, so that one can just fuck off.


March 2012

I wish I could think in smaller scope for fics.  Like, “oh, wouldn’t it be cute if ___ and ____ made some kissyface? That’d be a good fic.”





Self, it is just fanfic.  Shut up.

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January 2012

Sometimes, I feel like I should have separate blogs for my academic thoughts/social justice posts/Hunger Games and then my Everything Else.

But I’M a mix of all the things I love and care about, so… for now, my blog will remain one, too.

But don’t message me about how ~you thought I was better than [fandom]~ or that “sorry but you’re more militant/political/feminist/boring/overthinking than i like to follow! x bye!”

I don’t really care.  I’m me and I DO care about things that are both very immediately culturally valuable and things that take thought and analysis to find cultural value in, and sometimes, I just like things because it’s pretty/funny/tasty.  And sometimes, I like something and still see the major problematic issues with it and I will point them out, no matter who’s going to read the post.

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October 2011

Okay, not going to post the rude anon message because it doesn’t deserve to be seen, but here’s my diplomatic answer:

  • I have written Cinna as gay.
  • I have written Cinna as heterosexual.
  • I have written Cinna as bisexual.
  • I have written Cinna as asexual.
  • I have written affectionate Cinnas.
  • I have written Cinnas with touch-aversion disorders.
  • I have written white Cinnas. 
  • I have written Latino Cinnas.
  • I have written mixed-race African-American heritage/white Cinnas, BEFORE Lenny Kravitz was cast.
  • I have written Chinese-heritage Cinnas.
  • I have written Cinnas who were more artist than scientist.
  • I have written Cinnas who were more scientist than artist.
  • I have written Cinnas who were more revolutionary than either artist or scientist.
  • I’ve written Cinnas to whom Portia was a close friend.
  • I’ve written Cinnas to whom Portia was just a coworker.
  • I’ve written Cinnas to whom Finnick was a lover.
  • I’ve written Cinnas to whom Finnick was a friend.
  • I’ve written Cinnas to whom Finnick was a co-conspirator.
  • I’ve written Cinnas to whom Finnick was nothing.

So please don’t tell me that my CinnaFeelings are based on the “only Cinna” I write.  There is no only Cinna that I write.  Cinna is everyone in Panem, which means that Cinna is, essentially, everyone in our world.  Cinna is you.  Cinna is me.  Cinna is Katniss and Cinna is Peeta and Cinna is Gale.  Cinna is the 99%.  The reason I have CinnaFeelings is that Cinna can be anything, as long as Cinna is strong and smart and caring and kind and manipulative and morally ambiguous and determined and big-hearted and brave and ambitious. 

But skin color? 

Sexual orientation? 

Those things don’t matter at all when it comes to Cinna, or why he’s my favorite person in the universe of The Hunger Games. 

No, I don’t like the casting, but that is because of the reflection of a whitewashed Katniss and how it changes their entire relationship’s trope, because Cinna is demoted to a Magical Native Helper instead of what he is: a visionary intellectual humanist, who is the only person in Katniss’ life who has ever given her a choice

What Cinna “is” is neither gay nor straight nor asexual; it’s neither white nor black nor Latino nor mixed-race.  What Cinna is… is the man who set Panem on fire and turned the Mockingjay to flight.