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You can vote for it to make the final 10 in The Larry Library’s “10 Best Larry Fics” list!  Thank you to everyone who helped it get the #5 most noms in the prelims; that makes my day!!  Millie would love to make the Top 10 even more than she loves lizards…

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(I did in fact start a Millie outtake.

It’s going to be a long one.

There’s a new baby sibling for a certain Styles child in it.)

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(Iffff you really like May You Enjoy Your New Life, it’s in a fic poll via thelarrylibrary here, and votes would make Millie a happy little camper.)

(That said, I really am fr srs posting a Millie outtake on Monday!)

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"LANDSLIDE" Q&A Starting Now!

Lucy (heyspibsy) and I will be answering questions about Landslide now, finally, because we waited 5 days to try to avoid spoiling people.  IF YOU HAVEN’T READ YET and would like to avoid spoilers, block the tag “landslide spoilers.”

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Lucy and I will be answering “Landslide” questions in a little while, so if you have any questions about the ‘verse (preferably not ALL re: the ending, since we left it open intentionally!) send them our way!
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Anonymous said:

does landslide end on a cliffhanger since it's part of a series?

Nope!  The ending is the ending-ending.  We just like ambiguous endings. :)

AND HERE’S THE SERIES ANNOUNCEMENT!: Originally, what Lucy and I had planned for our bigbang was a big fic of 12 different historical AUs, one for every decade between 1900-2010, but then we started on the 1970s AU that became “Landslide” and, well, we’re us so it got really long and intense.  However, we’re still pumped about all of the other decades’ AUs that we have planned, so we’re just going to make it a series of long, developed historical AUs!  All of them are going to be Harry/Louis, but the main plots, settings, side characters, side pairings, themes, etc. will be different and will fit the decade(s) in which they’re set.  (I AM SO EXCITED TO WRITE THESE. LIKE. I AM SO EXCITED TO WRITE THEM.)

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MYEYNL Monday, 1/13/2014 - “Mascot Millie”


Requested by coolbreeeze



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Hello! I was wondering if you were still writing Larry fics, if yes, I'd have a good prompt for you since you're my favorite writer :)

Of course I’m still writing Harry/Louis fics!  I just posted one on Christmas, haha. :)

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I wrote a fluffy Harry/Louis thing all by myself for the first time in like a year!!!

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Story Title: “The Five Letters Harry Wrote Louis, and the One He Sent “
Summary: Louis has been a part of Harry’s life since before he was born.
Character/Relationships: Harry/Louis
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Mentions of bullying. I think that’s it?
Story Wordcount: 6,590
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything. No claim of knowledge or veracity is made towards anyone in the story and no aspersions or claims of character are to be inferred. We have no connection nor permissions from One Direction, X-Factor, Simon Cowell, SyCo Inc., Sony, ITV, or Columbia Records. No libel intended.
Notes: IT’S NOT TOO LATE TO POST CHRISTMAS FIC. This is for the lovely TichMarie as part of Keysmash’s Spread the Love Holiday Exchange! I hope this somewhat fills the prompt you wanted, and that you had a wonderful holiday season. :) ILY!

( Read on AO3! )

( Read on LJ! )

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Wattpad Plagiarism

Can people please report “http://www.wattpad.com/story/7245793-our-little-angel-larry-stylinson-1d" to Wattpad?  It’s Milliefic under a different title.  Milliefic is copyrighted with a CCL, so it’d be reporting as a "copyright violation."  Thanks.

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V and Lucy’s Massive Lourry AU Bigbang/Series — Teaser #001

This round is called, “try to guess what kind of AU this is.”  (If you’re one of the two people we’ve told, don’t spoil it.)

And then he’s naked, with a man he loves, surrounded by glass and snow.

It’s really beautiful when Harry lets himself stop thinking. There’s nothing in the world but the two of them and snowflakes. Harry can let himself believe that.

Louis must get caught up in it, too, the softness of it and the rounded edges and the not-quite-real but real-enoughness of it, because he blinks slowly as Harry undoes the long line of buttons down his flannel shirt and murmurs, “I love you too, you know.”

Harry believes it. He believes it like this, just the two of them in the world.

When Harry pushes Louis’ shirt off his shoulders, he lets his fingers trail and touch every strand of scar, every dark tattoo, every inch of skin.  He bends to press his lips to the rough round remnants of gunshot wounds that he still can’t explain, and Louis lets him, for once, just carding his fingers through Harry’s hair.

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Last year (in October of 2012), I did a survey of over 1500 One Direction fans about their feelings on RPF, 1D, and 1D RPF to help inform an essay that I was writing an anthology produced by Smart Pop Books.  That anthology is now coming out in December of this year!  And I went to Comic-Con to speak on 1D RPF’s behalf in the “Why Fanfiction Is Taking Over the World” panel! 

And that survey from a year ago is SO OUT-OF-DATE FOR WHERE FANDOM IS NOW.

With that in mind, I set up a follow-up survey asking the same questions to see, ahem, “Where We Are.”  I had an amazing number of responders last year (all 1500+ were within the first 48 hours!) and I would love to be able to show the same kind of statistics this year, when I can finally reveal the outcomes of both surveys on the day of the book release.  A lot of the time, mainstream media portrays One Direction fandom as a monolith, and an ugly, in-the-way, illogical, immoveable one, at that.  The survey from last year demonstrates aspects of singularity, to be sure, but also shows a moving towards differentiation.  I’m really interested to see what a new survey would show, a year on, after 1D and their fandom have had so much more exposure — especially regarding fanfiction and fannish topics.

In case you weren’t around last year, and because I think it needs reiterating, here’s some of what I said about the initial survey and the purpose of the essay:

I don’t want to make anyone look “crazy,” and I don’t aim to make fun of anyone.  I’m not actually going to touch on WHY anyone ships what they ship, so Elounor fans, don’t worry, and Larry Stylinson fans, you don’t have to worry either.  As an academic, even an academic of fandom, I’m ship-neutral.  Ziam shippers, you’re cool, too; Nosh, you keep doin’ what you do. 

I’m in the fandom.  I’ve written hundreds of thousands of words of Harry/Louis fic and I write crackships and whatever else, so don’t worry that I’m going to sell anyone out.  I’m not.  And I’m going to try — TRY — to keep things behind the Fourth Wall as best as I can because holy shit I don’t want anyone in 1D to find my blog, either.

What I want to write about, and what I’m planning to write about, is how the convention of real-person fanfiction has been around since Shakespeare’s time and how all celebrity culture is, in some way, a similar offset of RPF. How real-person shipping happens every day in the tabloids and has been a part of celebrity culture since there have been people slightly more famous than others.

“Based on a true story”?  FANFICTION. 

“May resemble persons living or dead”? FANFICTION. 

“Rumor has it that _____ is dating the hot young _____, whose movie is out next week?” FANFICTION.

Obviously, though, there IS a difference between the pages of People magazine and the depths of the NC-17 section of any particular fandom’s fic comm, so I’m going to try to explain that in the most academic, shipping-neutral way that I can that still feels honest to me.  I love fanfiction.  I fucking do!  I fucking love fanfiction.  I love fanfiction smut and I love fanfic writers and I love fanfic readers and I love shipping and I love getting excited about seeing “signals” that I know in my heart aren’t actually there and I love having fun in fandom.  I want to use this opportunity to the best that I can to show that fanfiction is about the love and affection that the writers and readers and fans feel for the subjects of the story and how it’s a good, and helpful, and empowering thing… when it’s done right.

So please take this year’s survey and spread the link around!  I’m hoping to write a follow-up essay on the ways that 1D fandom is, actually, NOT the hivemind that mainstream media chooses to portray it as, and having a new set of data to compare would be an immense boon.

That is where this link comes in.  I need to get statistics on some 1D Fanfiction-related things?  It is 100% anonymous.  I have no idea who you are.  There is nothing being asked that could identify you, and nothing that could embarrass you.  Please, please, please take the survey linked above and please, please, please BE HONEST. 

I need at least 500 people to take the survey for it to be viable, and would prefer about a thousand, so please spread this around, too.

And think of it as a way to set the record straight. This is not Storyboard.  This is not GQ, or the Daily Dot, or Channel 4. This is the story of One Direction fanfiction and how much it means to the community of people involved.  And for once, the writer of the piece will be one of us.

I’m turning my Ask box back on if you have questions about specifics involved with the book. 

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