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June 2012
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Fandom interactions and so can you


The internet and advent of social networking sites have really changed fandom now from when i was a shy kid (even on the internet and also over-worried about being stolen by an old man pretending to be a little girl as per my moms lectures) to the fandom now that i’m seeing as an adult. 

I discovered being active in fandom when I was about 18 and I had joined a community on livejournal and actually interacted with people and followed their breadcrumb trail of online social networking sites to follow their twitters and later on when I discovered tumblr and we all basically migrated here, it was awesome! (I never liked livejournal bc lol whats html and formatting, this is way more my speed).

So with that one community I made the best friend i’ve ever had, and so many other good friends that I feel that i can tell people anything on here or twitter.

I started commenting on fics more, rather than just being passive about it like I’d been since I was 11 and just lurking and reading really really bad fic and going through deviantart fanart like it was my job.

But then, you know, you start getting in deeper and you start seeing drama. I’ve had people talk about me behind my back on an anon meme?? I didn’t even do anything for that fandom lmao i still don’t get it. 

Besides that and the racism and the sexism and the transphobia, etc, there is one big problem that links it all together;

Being Too Fresh With Actors/Creators on Social Networking Sites.

Okay, I get it. It’s a RUSH to interact online with that person you adore. If they reply to your tweet, you are floating on air for a week. It feels SO good. 

But with this comes great responsibility you dillholes. 

You can’t wink wink nudge nudge your pairing at someone, you can’t bombard people with tweets laughing about how gay they are and that their girlfriend is a beard lie it’s somehow cute what you’re doing, like it’s somehow okay.

It’s not okay!

You can’t harrass an actor because you think he and his bff on the show are buttfuckin, you can’t tell off a creator for being homophobic because your ship isn’t CANON. 

Linking someone to porn of themselves isn’t good, linking porn fanart isn’t good. It’s MORTIFYING.

We, the fandom as a whole, for anything, have to step back and remember the boundaries we should have.

Just because Tyler Hoechlin is on twitter doesn’t mean we’re buddies now (as gr8 as that would be god). Someone doing a livestream q&a doesn’t mean that you can ask them prying questions about the people in their lives.

I’m a big gross who does ship RPF and tbh if anyone told that to the people i ship or read fic about i’d be mortified. I would burst into tears or something and be traumatized for life, so idk how the actor would feel.

It’s not inherently shameful to like what you like, in fact there is a whole market for “RPF” in the real world (tmz and people are basically RPF, i mean come on, fandom didn’t come up with brangelina mmk), but like i said, there is a time where you have to step back.

Is it really going to be a cute message or is it going to make someone feel awkward and gross in their own skin?

Imagine telling your teachers or co workers that you write porn about them fucking in the break room, how awful would that be??

(hint: so awful)

(i’m so embarrassed oh my god)

The key here is to remember that we are writing things about real people and it’s super more than okay to keep up that fourth wall. Just fuckin, fortify that wall even idk.

tl;dr my essays are shit but the main point is stop making people fucking uncomfortable and don’t link porn to actors and creators fuck

Keep Fanworks Off Twitter should basically be a contract people have to sign before they’re allowed to join fandom.