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May 2013

Crossover (ONE DIRECTION/UNION J): Genesis - Part III (George Shelley/Harry Styles)

Author: aimmyarrowshigh
Fandom: One Direction/Union J
Story Title: “Genesis”
Summary: So to the Alpha Man came God’s hand, and in His protection the Alpha Man fell into a deep sleep. The Lord God cradled him as He took one of the Alpha Man’s rib bones and closed its place with the dust of stars and the salt of the sea. He fashioned from the Alpha Man’s rib bone a second in His image, hollow but for love for God and love for the Alpha Man, and that was the omega man. When his eyes opened for the first time the Lord God blew dust from the Earth into his sight and blinded him but to love for God and love for the Alpha Man and He did tether them with dust and salt as sat in the Alpha Man’s wound.

George doesn’t believe in all that catechism anymore, but in the grand scheme of things, and in Clevedon, it doesn’t matter much.

This is a really plotty, meta, metaphorical, semi-dystopian-but-following-X-Factor-ti

meline-and-with-a-happy-ending, crackships-ahoy Alpha/beta/omega fic. Alpha!Harry/omega!George.

Main Character/Relationship: Harry Styles/George Shelley
Other mentioned pairings: Josh/JJ, Jaymi/Olly; short scenes of George/Parisa, George/Caroline; mentions of Harry/Louis, Harry/Caroline, Zayn/Perrie, Louis/others, Rylan/James, Nick Grimshaw/others. Typical for me, a lot of side pairings and past!pairings and vaguely-mentioned-sometimes pairings.
Rating: NC-17/M
Overall Warnings: Explicit sexual content (slash and het); use of sex toys; graphic sexual dialogue. Knotting. Some mpreg kink/dialogue. A lot of come. Just, like, a lot of it. Ham-fisted metaphors.
Chapter Warnings: Sexual content (slash [penetrative PiA, mentions of ejaculate); mentions of sex trafficking, rape culture; graphic sexual dialogue.
Chapter/Story Wordcount: 9,050/100,000
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything. No claim of knowledge or veracity is made towards anyone in the story and no aspersions or claims of character are to be inferred. We have no connection nor permissions from One Direction, X-Factor, Crown Management, RCA, Sony, ITV, or AlphaDog Management, OR SyCo Inc., Columbia Records, or any other affiliated parties. No libel intended.

Genesis - Part III )
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