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April 2013

fic logistics

if you are planning to read my harry/george multi-chapter fic (the Alpha/beta/omega AU), would you rather I start posting it on May 1, updating once a week, or wait until school is over for most of you and start posting on June 1 (still updating once a week)?

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  3. trytosmileforyourself answered: May 1st please :)
  4. mutedcolor answered: May 1st please! :)
  5. ohlookasegal answered: post it may 1!!! also i would literally read anything you wrote v, i’ve never even read a/b/o fic before
  6. violatinghazzasflannel answered: May 1, please please please!!!!
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  8. emileeeeelm answered: sooner is better but june 1 is my birthday so that’s be nice too.
  9. slickynicole said: May! Selfishly, because no school for me!
  10. lovingthelarrylife answered: MAY 1 NOW NOW NOW PLEASSSEEE
  11. grimshawunion answered: May 1st! :)
  12. damejudidenchpress answered: May 1st please. :)
  13. as0or answered: May 1 please! <3
  14. asche-regen answered: may, of course :)
  15. prideandprejudiceandpayne answered: May 1!!!!!!! (I’m Australian and even if I wasn’t, fic is prioritised over school)
  16. drinkingzaynsgatorade answered: May May May always May :)
  17. understandrabbits said: May, please
  18. bandofdaisies answered: may 1st!
  19. mattfincham answered: definitely may 1st :)
  20. inyoureyesifoundgrace said: The sooner, the better, I can’t wait! Please?
  21. thiscompasswillguideyouhome answered: May 1, definetely :) at least i will have something to read while i am having a break in studying :)
  22. vampixielouis answered: m a y why prolong the wonderful?
  23. alphabetgore answered: … uh, my last final is on like. may 7th so it legit doesn’t matter to me.