i aim my arrows high

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i can never take “cosmo tip” posts seriously because the first thing i think of is




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Fox Cubs | Ivan Kislov

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"But… Toph is a wanker. You hate him. And Bridgette!" He glances at me. "We still hate Bridgette, right? I haven’t missed anything?"

I shake my head. “We still hate her."
Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins (via pretendings)
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Song: The First Days Of Spring
Artist: Noah And The Whale
Album: The First Days Of Spring
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 It’s the first day of spring, and my life is starting over again.

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10 Favorite | Episodes of CSI: NY

004. 3x04: "Hung Out to Dry"

10 Favorite | Episodes of CSI: NY

004. 3x04: "Hung Out to Dry"

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nataliecastle replied to your post: “nataliecastle answered your post: In the interest of fanfiction…”:
Ooooh which fic? A Disney World AU would actually be really cute!!

Schrodinger’s Cat! Also Five Letters, kinda.

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glycerineclown replied to your post: “In the interest of fanfiction science, let me know what kind of H/L AU…”:
unless multiverse doesn’t allow time shifts cuz they weren’t born yet in 1991.

HUSHAYOU. And yeah, timetravel is OK! If anything hits too close to plans for any of the historical AUs with Lucy, I’ll let you know, but afaik, yours is in the clear. :)

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nataliecastle answered your post: In the interest of fanfiction science,…

does this count nataliecastle.tumblr.co…

Hmmm… that’s really cute, but I’ve already done a fic like that-ish and it’s a little too “plotline”-y for what I’m looking for. Do you want like “Disney World AU”?

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In the interest of fanfiction science, let me know what kind of H/L AU you would like to see worked into a multiverse fic.  It has to be an AU, not a plotline.  So “university ultimate frisbee teammates AU” works, but “louis goes to uni on the ultimate team and harry is the geeky boy in his stats class and…” does not.

Here’s a question mark so people can reply?

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Come seek us where our voices s o u n d
We cannot sing above the g r o u n d,
An hour long you’ll have to l o o k,
To recover what we t o o k.

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A younger Louis, a couple of years before X Factor, topless on holiday. 

But guys… Look at the kid behind Louis…


the shirt



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Katniss Everdeen photographed by starrfallphotography on Deviantart.

Cosplay by Aspen of White Rabbit Cosplay and Photography.

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i love writing and reading fics about unhealthy relationships but i don’t want to publish fics about unhealthy relationships because so many people who read fic for 1d (and in general) are too young to recognize dangerous/problematic behavior in Actual Relationships and i don’t trust Bad Fic to not influence that further

The worst is fic where those unhealthy elements are reproduced but in such a way that you can tell the author didn’t do it on purpose but genuinely thinks it’s awesome.

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i have to take a break from halloween episodes

the limit is 209 in a week

that is how many halloween episodes a person can watch before their brain just BECOMES spooky organ music

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